Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions For Sale

Our Extensions are Made from 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair

Hair extensions have been around since ancient Egypt. The wealthy and powerful have always prized long, beautiful hair, and if they were not born with a hair type that was easy to grow and maintain, they found other ways to achieve the ideal. However, it has only been within the past ten years that Hollywoods A-list celebrities have started speaking out about wearing wigs, clip-ins, and virgin hair extensions. Now they are more widely available and acceptable than ever!

If you are not happy with the texture of your natural hair, take a tip from the queens of Egypt and the silver screen: Enhance your natural beauty with real, virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

What’s the difference between Remy virgin hair extensions and other kinds?

Simply put, Remy hair is the absolute best on the market. A great deal of care is put into the collection and handling of the hair so that it arrives to you healthy, beautiful, and completely undamaged. The result is a product that is silky, strong, and tangle-free.

It starts with the collection. Remy Brazilian virgin hair is collected straight from the source, instead of from the floors of salons and barbershops like lower grades of human hair. This allows the collector to bind the hair together before it is cut so they can preserve directionality, or keep the shinglesof the cuticles all flowing in the same direction to reduce tangling and frizz.

After our virgin Remy hair is collected, we gather it together and inspect it to ensure you receive the best hair available. We do not expose it to any bright lights, strong temperatures, harsh chemicals, or anything that could damage the structure of the hair. The end product is hair extension that is as healthy and strong as it was the day it was cut.

Why do stylists prefer Brazilian hair?

Virgin Brazilian hair makes better wigs and hair extensions than other types of hair because it is fuller, smoother, and bouncier. It is easy to style and can withstand heat and dying to stay shiny and healthy-looking. In short, virgin Brazilian Remy hair is simply the best quality hair on the market!

Where can I find Brazilian virgin hair?

Many companies state that they sell high-quality Brazilian hair, but often their products do not live up to customersexpectations. The ones that do can charge through the roof for even a small bundle! Her Hair Company, Inc. sells 100% Remy Brazilian virgin hair extensions at an affordable price, so you can get the best quality extensions without breaking your pocket every time. See our Bundle Deals for further details. 

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