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Remy Wavy Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, you should not settle for anything less than high-quality virgin Remy hair, and Her Hair Company is more than willing to help you. We are a retailer of premium wavy hair extensions, and we promise you a product that not only looks fabulous and but also lasts long. Our staff is incredibly accommodating, and will help you find the most suitable extensions from our line of products. Browse our collection today or speak with one of our staff for the best extensions you will ever use.

Hair extension products come in different textures to suit different hairstyles, and Remy hair is no exception. We offer wavy hair extensions to those either looking to enhance their natural curls, or those who want to change their hairstyles into something a little fuller. If you are looking to create a show-stopping hairdo of your own, let our high quality products help you.

Going Natural with Real Remy Hair

Her Hair Company, Inc. only uses untreated virgin hair to produce its Remy hair extensions. The hair is harvested carefully from donors who painstakingly take good care of their hair, and then assembled into a weft without being exposed to chemicals. Our extensions are of the genuine Remy sort, because we ensure that the cuticles of the wefts we produce remain undamaged and facing in their original direction for a more natural look.

Quality Remy Hair from Brazil

Our hair extension products are all made from Brazilian hair for unsurpassed quality. Brazilian hair tends to be smoother, stronger, and glossier than other hair types, making it a sought-after component in many a hair extension. If you want beautiful hair extensions that aren’t prone to tangling and matting, consider selecting those made from Brazilian hair.

Using Wavy Hair Extensions

Wavy hair extensions are, naturally, wavy in appearance, with natural-looking locks that complement a wide range of hairstyles. They can be worn by those whose hairstyles are already wavy, but the extensions can also be worn by individuals with straight hair. Brazilian wavy hair extensions add body to their wearer’s hairstyle, and can be worn loose or tied. Some even choose to braid, cut and/or dye their extensions, which is entirely possible thanks to the durability and versatility of quality Remy hair.

Her Hair Company, Inc. offers a selection of fine Remy hair extension products through its online store. We invite you to learn more about our company, and our dedication to making you look even more beautiful. Get in touch with us by calling 1-888-597-6667 or by visiting our Contact page and filling out the form.