Beautiful Hair Extensions are All the Rage in Hollywood Right Now

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beautiful hair extensions.

Meghan Trainor: “I love my extensions”

Trainor, who rose to fame after her hit “All About That Bass”, has been known to sport blonde locks. Along with her songs, she has been honest about everything, particularly her use of hair extensions. In an interview, she revealed that the first time she wore hair extensions was during the shooting of the music video for “Bass”, and she shared that she felt very “powerful” while wearing them. She further explained that, before rising to fame, she was never allowed to dye or highlight her hair, and that her natural hair is currently a mess. “I like my hair long and I like it thick,” she said, which is why she got extensions for her thin air.

Ariana Grande: Wearing more fake hair than every drag queen

The young pop star has always been associated with her trademark ponytail, which she would sport in almost all of her performances. Yet she spilled the beans about her hairdo, saying that her ponytail was actually made of extensions, an admission which drew flak among many people, especially her detractors. In her defense, Grande said that her natural hair was “so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down” since she had to bleach and dye her hair red when she played in two Nickelodeon sitcoms, namely Victorious and Sam & Cat. Grande also admitted to trying on wigs and weaves, yet they didn’t fit her very well.

Other Celebrities with Hair Extensions

Aside from Trainor and Grande, numerous Hollywood celebrities are rocking hair extensions, and while a number of them have been mum on the existence of their extensions, others have talked openly about their extensions, such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, and Halle Berry. In fact, stylist to the stars Ken Paves had compared hair extensions to fashion accessories, saying that “putting on hair is just part of the wardrobe”.

Whatever your reason might be, opting for stylish Remy hair extensions like those offered by Her Hair Company is nothing to be ashamed of; after all, it contributes to better and healthier-looking hair, particularly after damage.

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