Brazilian Hair Weave Company Celebrates BBB Accreditation Anniversary

Posted by Her Hair Company on

Brazilian hair weave extensions. Along the way, however, we realized the need to ensure that our cherished customers always got the business they deserved from us. This is what led us to seek accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a dream that was realized for us on the 8th of March in 2013. It's been a year since that date, and, as a responsible, upstanding BBB-accredited business, we think it our duty to report how our business has fared under the watchful eyes of the Bureau from the day we were awarded accreditation. We're glad to report that, thus far, no complaints have yet been filed with the BBB against us. Furthermore, the customer reviews of our business that have come in are encouraging and tell us that we're headed in the right direction. Of the 26 reviews on our profile on the BBB site, 23 report a positive experience with our company, two are neutral, and only one shares a negative experience. Knowing what these say, we will continue to look for ways to satisfy every customer who orders Brazilian weave products from us. It is our goal to continuously improve our services so that more customers will see the incredible value we provide. On that note, it is our intention to remain a BBB-accredited business. This is to make sure that our customers can always have a place they can turn to if they come across something we have done that they don't like. We believe that our standing with the BBB will help drive our commitment to customer satisfaction in the coming years, just as it has done in this last one. We thank all our customers for continuing to support Her Hair Company through their purchases and honest customer reviews, and hope that they will continue to shop with us through our website.