Brazilian Virgin Hair: a Good Option for the Coolest Hairstyle of 2015

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On's style column, they asked three hairstyle experts, who highlighted the "coolest" cuts for 2015, one of which is the super-long and layered. One of these experts, celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson, talked about this particular cut. He stated how long hair won't go out of style and for 2015, super long is the look to go for.

Using Sofia Vergara's hairstyle at the 21st Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards last January 25 as an example, Gibson recommends women to ask their stylist for soft layers surrounding the face. This creates a feel of movement and makes the cut sexier.

Not everyone, however, can easily and naturally grow long hair; genetics and other factors such as harsh hair care products can prevent natural growth. Understandably, therefore, there are women who might be discouraged to go for the long hairstyle. Then again, even if you have no problems growing long hair, the other limiting factor is time. Fortunately, today, those are no longer a hindrance to achieving your desired long hair. Hair extensions allow you to gain a good length of hair in an instant.

There are several types of hair used for extensions, all differing in characteristics such as texture, thickness, and luster. One of the more popular types is Brazilian, which is made up of natural human hair that has nice luster and volume, longevity, and versatility. It is best to choose Brazilian Virgin hair as it has better quality than other types.

While salons may have their own hair extensions, they might have a limited selection of types. Sometimes, they only have synthetic hair, which doesn't go up to par with human hair variants. You may instead want to look for quality Brazilian hair for sale on your own. At least you can be sure that you'll be using your favored hair extension type. Online hair extension shops, such as Her Hair Company, offer a selection of different hair extension types in different styles.

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