Getting Brazilian Hair Extensions? Hair Care Tips You Should Know

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excellent Brazilian hair extensions. However, you should know that getting extensions put up requires a lot more care and maintenance on your part - a bit more than you usually need for your natural hair. This should help keep your new extensions from getting worn down, and keep them looking exquisite for much longer. Hair Extensions Shampooing Using a mild or gentle shampoo is best, but the brand should still be of excellent quality. Anything that's too cheap or too expensive might damage your extensions, so it's best to stay safe within the median. If your extensions are sewn in, you could use any type of drying technique you choose. Otherwise, keep from applying heat when drying. Coloring Here are a few tips from on how you should color your hair extensions:
"As far as coloring your hair and extensions, plan ahead. Color your natural hair the desired color before your extensions are applied. Your stylist will then color match your extensions, whether synthetic or real, to your new color to make your purchased hair look like the real thing. Highlights can even be added by adding different colored extensions in the same randomness as highlights applied to hair pulled through a cap."
Swimming With spring and summer approaching, you'd probably want to hang out with your friends on the beach as you sport your nice new hair extensions. Go ahead - just don't forget your swim cap! Keep your hair tucked nice and tight in a latex cap whenever you're out for a swim, but still wash it afterward to remove any chemicals that might have clung to it. Whenever you're having problems with your extensions, or you simply want to know more about how you can take care of them, you can always rely on reputable salons like Her Hair Company, Inc. for help. Whether you have curly or straight hair extensions, always remember to keep them from damage. (Source: How to Take Care of Hair Extensions, Hair Finder)