Hair Extensions Tips: Three Qualities to Look for in a Brazilian Weave

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Virgin hair is the most popular type of weave and among its varieties, considers Brazilian hair as one of the best for African-American women. Black hair comes in different textures but what makes Brazilian hair a great option is that it’s an “in-between” kind of hair: not too thin nor too thick and neither too straight nor too coarse. This quality allows it to blend seamlessly with virtually all black hair textures whether it’s relaxed, natural or you’re still transitioning. It’s also of low luster, unlike synthetic varieties with their unnatural shimmer.

So if you’re shopping for a Brazilian weave and are still in the process of finding out what’s best for your hair, look for these three qualities.

● Styling versatility. Brazilian weaves usually come in three different styles: curly, wavy and straight. Straight hair is usually the best seller because of its styling versatility. You can curl it one day for big volume and flat iron it the next for a sleek straight. It usually has a slight wave, making it appear bouncier and more natural.

● Holds color well. Since Brazilian hair is real human hair, you can dye, cut and heat style it just like your natural hair. Furthermore, because it has not been exposed to any sort of chemical processing, it is very easy to color and will remain soft and healthy-looking even when dyed, making it easier for you to try out new looks.

● Less tangling. The outer covering of a hair strand (cuticle) is scale-like. Damaged cuticles make your hair rough and more prone to breakage and tangling. Virgin Brazilian hair, however, undergoes methods that preserve their protective cuticles in such a way that they flow in a single direction, which in turn, reduces tangling and frizz. If properly maintained, it can last for up to a year.

It’s true that quality extensions can cost you a bit of money but the good news is that some suppliers, such as Her Hair Company, Inc. also offer them in bundle deals. This means you can get more hair for less. You can even use any excess hair for your next installation.

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