Limitless Options Available for the Best Lace Closure and Hairpiece

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best lace closure can usually be found for 3 hairline types, in 5 sizes, and with a side part, middle, or free part where you can part the hair where you choose.

Depending on where you make your purchase, there are several different lengths that will be available, usually between 8 inches to 24 inches. The closure can be applied with weaving thread, liquid tape, or adhesive. When applied properly the closure can go totally undetected.

When a closure piece is positioned just behind your hairline, it gives the appearance of a natural scalp and a full weave. Now just to note, closures are not designed to run from temple to temple, but to be placed at the top part of the weave. This is called the "horseshoe" area left undone after extensions are applied.

A lace closure is usually made from breathable silk mesh that is outlined with a poly strip to make for easier sewn-in applications. The flesh-colored mesh allows for freestyle parting in the cap area. Some women prefer to wear a flesh-colored stocking cap underneath so that the scalp appears more natural.

On your quest to find the best suitable closure color and texture, first explore the vast array of options. The hair industry has much to offer in style, color and design. Whether you want something conservative or exotic, be assured that respected hair extension providers, such as Her Hair Company, offer lace closures that render a perfect fit.


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