Do You Have an Oblong Face? Wavy Hair Extensions May Work Best on You

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wear wavy hair better than others, either with bangs or as a simple step cut hairstyle. Long Faces While these styles work best for those with medium-length hair, short-haired women can have a quick fix by wearing wavy hair extensions from the likes of Her Hair Company. Medium-length hair with bangs works better because they tend to make the face look smaller and cuter. Of course, that assumes that the woman really knows the shape of her face to begin with. For those who don't, taking some measurements of the face can help. There are only four dimensions to be taken: the distance from cheekbone to cheekbone, the length of the jaw, the width of the forehead, and the length of the face. A woman has an oblong face if her face length is more than her forehead's width. She has a round face if her forehead's width and face length are more or less the same. If the length of her face is one and a half times the width of her forehead, then she has an oval face. Finally, a woman has a square face if her face width and length are the same, only with a more angular shape (i.e. straighter jaw and cheekbones). Women with round faces should avoid short hair, while those with oval faces can wear practically any hairstyle. On the other hand, those with square faces should wear curly hair at medium-length, preferably with high-quality Brazilian curly hair extensions to achieve the best effect. This advice can also apply to those with long faces. (Source: Top 6 Hairstyles For Long Faces, Boldsky, February 21, 2014)