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Summer Curls: Survival Tips for Your Natural and Brazilian Virgin Hair

Posted by Her Hair Company on

1. Use quality hair. Clutch recommends choosing good hair with soft textures and properly-aligned cuticles. Curly Brazilian hair for sale from suppliers such as Her Hair Company, Inc. is a great option since it’s less prone to matting, tangling and frizz compared to cheaper hair. It requires less maintenance too, other than routine co-washing and deep conditioning. Additionally, it’s not prone to matting and knotting since it’s ‘untouched’ and isn’t weighed down by chemicals such as sulfate and silicone.

2. Steer clear of combs. Curls can be very delicate and too much styling can cause lots of breakage, especially when it’s dry. Avoid brushing your hair even if it’s damp because you may end up tugging tangles and knots can cause more of your hair to shed. Detangle manually with your fingers and if possible let it dry on its own. If you really have to use a blow dryer though, use a diffuser so the heat won’t be concentrated on an area (as this can cause frizz).

3. Moisturize regularly. According to an ethnic-hair expert from New York, curly hair has more protein but less moisture than straight hair so it seeks balance by absorbing moisture from its surroundings. The high humidity typical of summer makes you hair thirst for moisture, causing it to appear puffy. In addition, your hair’s structure makes it difficult for scalp oil to spread throughout the hair. This means curly hair, natural or extension/weaves would always require more conditioning. Deep condition weekly and make sure you have a leave-in to protect your hair throughout the day.

4. Avoid cottons. Cotton pillowcases are moisture suckers so you won’t want to lay your moisture-needy, friction-prone curly strands on them. To protect your hair from further drying out during sleep, use a satin pillowcase or wrap your hair in a silk scarf. The added benefit is that it will keep your crown intact and reduce tangling.

Curls are vivacious and sweet if well-maintained and if you want to join the big hair trend, it’s worth investing in a quality, curly Brazilian virgin hair. Nevertheless, both your natural and extension/weave hair needs the same level of care. Follow the above tips to keep your tresses fabulous this summer.

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