Vital Facts about wearing Brazilian Hair Extensions for your Wedding

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Brazilian hair extensions to complement your wedding gown and coif instead.

Hair Extensions

Types of Extensions

Essentially, there are two types of extensions, permanent and temporary. Permanent extensions are typically installed by salons by using braiding, gluing or weaving techniques to insert human hair in with your natural tresses for a longer look. Temporary extensions, on the other hand, are often half and three-fourths wigs that you can place over the back of your head and is meant to complement the rest of your natural hair.

An article in by Denise Harrison speaks about yet another type of extension you can get:

"[I]f you're looking for the perfect up 'do without the hours it takes to achieve it, look for a hairpiece. Hairpieces come in buns and clip-on curls, for example, and the length of your normal hair, if it isn't pixie short, will work just fine. Hair pieces give you that romantic look without the fuss."

When to get Wedding Extensions

If you want to get this treatment from your salon so you can sport an amazing look on your wedding day, get your extensions applied at least 2-3 weeks before the big day for the best results. This will allow you to have just enough time to make it blend with the rest of your locks and maybe even experiment on a few hairstyles prior to the wedding.

Blend it In

Elegant virgin Brazilian hair extensions for brides have to efficiently blend in, otherwise it will look forced and unnatural. Aside from choosing the right color to apply, you should also keep from putting in too much extension; it might backfire on you, ending up looking like a big heap of unruly hair on your head instead, aside from also being majorly uncomfortable (you don't want a sprained neck right after your big day).

Don't make too much of a fuss over your locks when getting ready for the biggest day of your life. Trust salons like Her Hair Company to bring out the best in your beautiful hair so you will be the fairest the entire gathering.

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