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Are Remy Extensions Ideal for You? The Right Questions to Ask Yourself

Adding hair extensions is a great way to get the body and thickness that you always wanted. While some extensions feature natural hair, you'll also find more affordable extensions made from other types of natural or synthetic fibers. As much as you love the look, extensions aren't right for everyone. Learn more about the process and some other factors before [...]

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Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals: Saving Money on Brazilian Hair Products

Many women are interested in taking advantage of the beautiful style of a Brazilian hair weave. Brazilian hair is generally thick, shiny, and stunningly gorgeous, and you can find a wide range of amazing products that use this type of hair. Some women, for example, may want the loose curls of a Brazilian body wave, and others may want the straight [...]

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Brazilian Virgin Hair is a Great Investment: Tips on Choosing Wisely

Years ago, Brazilian virgin hair was only accessible to celebrities; however, almost anyone can purchase virgin hair extensions these days. In fact, when you purchase Brazilian hair extensions, you are making a great investment. With proper maintenance, this hair can last for a long period of time, and it will continue to hold its natural shine, luster, and great texture. So [...]

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Brazilian Weave: Enhancing Your Beauty with a Variety of Hair Styles

Wearing hair extensions and Brazilian weave gives women the ability to experiment with various types of hair lengths, colors, and textures. Hair extensions and weaves not only help add volume and inches to a person’s hair, but they also give the wearer the opportunity to add variety to her style repertoire.  Experimenting with Color and Omitting Damages Decades ago, adding color to [...]

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The Best Hair Extensions Protect Your Hair While Enhancing Your Looks

Brazilian hair weave has many fine qualities that make it a top choice in the industry, and by a number of famous celebrities. It is made from a hair type that’s considered among the best in the world. When you buy virgin Brazilian hair, in particular, you’re getting hair extensions made from human hair that has never been processed, [...]

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Why You Should Incorporate Brazilian Hair Bundles in the Beauty Regime

Brazilian hair is among the most sought-after products on the cosmetic add-ons market nowadays, and for good reason. This kind hair is known for its famous Brazilian body wave that provides hair with the perfect texture that is not too straight nor too curly, but has the perfect amount of volume. There are certainly many benefits to incorporating this type of [...]

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The Right Stuff: How to Tell if Your Brazilian Wavy Hair is Genuine

When buying Brazilian wavy hair, especially if it is virgin hair, you expect a certain amount of quality in the product. You also expect it to be real. In the event that you are unsure, here are a few ways that you can check if the hair you’ve bought is genuine.Check the ColorReal virgin hair boasts of a natural color because [...]

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Brazilian Straight Hair: Easy to Style Extensions with a Natural Feel

When you think of hair extensions, you may think of rough hair that typically lasts a couple of days. However, when you choose Brazilian hair, you can erase those thoughts from your mind completely. Simply run your hands through your hair extensions to feel that natural smoothness. Hair should not only look great, but it should feel great, too. When you [...]

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Brazilian Hair Extensions? Color and Texture Can Define Your Look

Hairstyles suit individuals differently. One style may look nice on one person, but awkward on another. The same principle applies to hair extensions. From the type (whether you go for Brazilian hair extensions or other kinds) to the texture (curly, wavy, or straight)—what you choose will ultimately dictate how the extensions will define your look.Hair extensions have gone far [...]

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Busting Some Common Myths and Misconceptions about Hair Extensions

For women who want long hair but somehow just can’t grow them fast enough, hair extensions are a nice and nifty solution. Extensions are relatively new in the hair scene though, so many misconceptions float around about them. This article will clear some of those common myths.Myth 1: Extensions Damage the HairE! Style, based on its interview of hairstyling experts, [...]

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