Brazilian Lace Closures Create Natural Looks with Versatile Strands

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Brazilian lace closure instead of individual hair bundles.

Basically a hair piece that resembles a laced crown with strands, lace closures have to be well-made and woven with authentic Virgin wefts, often found in reputable hair extension companies like Her Hair Company, to prevent possible damage. Virgin Remy extensions from established vendors are properly threaded into the lacework, without using too much force on your original scalp and hair roots during the installation. Despite being close to the scalp, natural hair arranged into cornrows underneath the lacework is also protected from added stress for longer usage.

Similar to hair bundle products, closure pieces offer the same benefits of trying out different textures and colors that you may not be able to have with natural hair. Either letting long black tresses flow or cutting those blonde curls, this hair addition enables you to experience hair styles you most probably would have to pay more for in salons, or cause hair loss problems if done with natural locks.

The best lace closure weaves have based crowns that mirror your scalp and lace fronts that fit and blend well with the skin tone of the forehead. Most celebrity hair stylists are expert at this, with their clients being able to don various hairstyles for every appearance.

Being placed near the skin on top of your head, lace closures are unlikely to bring damage to your hair, unless if it is worn too tight, which can eventually create unnecessary tension on the roots, leading to breakage and weakening of the strands. It’s also important to perform regular washing and rinsing of the hair even with the added threads to eliminate potential risk of chemical or particle buildup.

When getting your hair done, make sure that your stylist has adequate knowledge on hair enhancements to ensure proper application.


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