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Brazilian Deep Curly Hair

We've got curls for the girls! Our Brazilian Curly Hair has been rated highly amongst YouTubers such as Jaz Jackson, Beautiful Morgan, and customers alike.

Like all of our products in our Brazilian Hair line, our Brazilian Curly is unprocessed, virgin hair with machine-reinforced wefting. Our Brazilian hair comes in a natural Deep Brown and can be chemically processed by a professional if desired.

Our Brazilian Curly Hair is for the ladies who don’t mind a little extra maintenance. It will last an average of 6 to 8 months if cared for properly.

Our Brazilian Curly Bundles weigh 3.3 ounces and are offered in lengths 12-26 inches. For styles 18 inches or shorter, we recommend three bundles. However for styles longer than 18'' inches, we recommend using 4-5 bundles to achieve a full look.

What People are Saying About our Brazilian Curly Hair

  • “Best Hair Ever! This hair is beautiful as always. This is my go to hair and it will be forever!”

    — Ms K.
  • “I love the texture and the feel.....very smooth hair.”

    — Kelo.
  • “Honestly my best experience with hair. Every curl pattern is so soft tight and natural looking it's honestly amazing. I'm sooo happy with the packaging and the curls are amazing! If you need other opinions go to YouTube type the name and see it yourself. I love it!”

    — Amya
  • “Being a licensed cosmetologist I have seen my share of bad hair. Especially when ordering online it's hit or miss. My texture is naturally curly and the Brazilian curly is the first hair that has matched my texture exactly. There is not one day since I installed this that someone has not complimented me. I am so in luv with it and don't plan on ordering curly from anyone else. I ordered the 4 bundle 20 22 24 26. It would've still been full and nice with just ordering 3 bundles actually. I would highly recommend this hair. No tangles or shedding after co wash. Again I'm so in luv.”

    — Anonymous
  • “I just have to say I am 100 percent pleased with this hair. As long as i take care of it, it is low maintenance. I made a wig unit myself using the 14 inch lace frontal, one bundle of 22in, and one bundle of 20in. I never even touched the 18inch bundle and it is the perfect amount of hair for me. My fav part is the fact that the back track does not get matted or knotted up, the curl pattern is still beautiful, looks and feels realistic, minimal shedding, and minimal tangling. Overall this is the best hair I have ever had. Thank you so much.”

    — Syndi
  • “This hair is everything! Not only is this hair fab-u-lous, it also is affordable. Get these bundle deals while they last cause I was impressed by the deal and level of quality. I've had for a few days now and I can tell I will not experience shedding or tangling, and that's a lot to say for curly extensions! Also, my stylist LOVED working with this hair and my installation is gorgeous. You will NOT be disappointed!”

    — Simone<
  • “I absolutely love this hair. It is the perfect summer hair for me. I purchased Brazilian curly from another company before purchasing from Her Hair Company. Needless to say in comparison Her Hair was much softer and had a more defined curl pattern than the other company, on top of that maintenance was much less and I noticed the other company tangled way more.”

    — Gloria