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  1. 100% Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Extensions | Her Hair Company, Inc.
  2. 100% Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Extensions | Her Hair Company, Inc.
Her Hair Company, Inc.
Her Hair Company, Inc.
Her Hair Company, Inc.
Her Hair Company, Inc.

Her Hair Company

We are an online retailer providing 100% Brazilian virgin hair extensions and lace closures to individuals, companies, and wholesalers around the world. All of our products are guaranteed to be pure virgin Remy hair: un-dyed, untreated, whole, healthy, and beautiful. This is the best Brazilian weave hair money can buy, and we offer it in affordable bundles to make long, gorgeous, celebrity locks available to everyone.

Our customers trust us time and time again because the quality of our products, from Brazilian hair bundle deals (choose from straight, wavy, and curly) to Brazilian lace closures. Each of our products is consistent and dependable. You will not see significant variations between one order to the next. Instead, you will see the same smooth, silky, voluminous hair we have sold since the very beginning. .

Premium Virgin Hair Extensions Make You Stand Out

The secret is out. Having a beautiful head of hair is about more than just the genetics you were born with. Everyone from A-list celebrities to small-town beauties depends on a quality Brazilian hair weave to achieve the long, flowing locks that are in such high demand right now.

Real virgin Remy hair is different from every other product on the market. It is soft but durable, long but healthy, and fine but thick. You can use our extensions to accomplish a Brazilian body wave by adding wavy hair for volume and texture, or to create a full Brazilian hair weave from straight or curly strands. Either way, our products will give you shine, volume, and body that may be difficult to accomplish with natural hair alone.

Our Products

While other retailers focus on providing a wider variety of styles and colors, we choose to invest all of our efforts into a small range of high-quality Brazilian hair weave supplies. This approach allows us to take the time to ensure that every one of our products exceeds industry standards. The result is a range of Brazilian wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, and lace closures that our customers know they can trust because they have our name on them.

Some of our customers’ favorites include:

  • Brazilian Body Wave: If you don’t like the look of stick-straight glossy hair, or just want to go for something a little more natural looking, a body wave can give you volume and movement without requiring the high maintenance of curls.
  • Brazilian Curly Hair: Whether you want full, sexy curls or tighter, more girlish ringlets, our Brazilian curly hair extensions allow you to achieve your desired appearance every day with no additional styling required.
  • Brazilian Lace Closure: Lace closures are a recent invention that some people are calling the perfect end to a great weave. The best lace closure for your style is one that covers the roots of your weave seamlessly, making it look even more like your natural hair. We offer a variety of closures so that you can find the best lace closure to match your hair color and texture.

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Her Hair Company, Inc.