Virgin and Natural: Qualities Women Want in Brazilian Hair for Sale

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Brazilian hair for sale from reputable suppliers, such as Her Hair. This product is usually made of virgin hair strands. G. Melanson's article for discusses the distinct, beneficial qualities of virgin hair extensions that attract most hair extension users.

Virgin Hair

"The term virgin hair usually refers to hair that's been untouched by chemical processes such as perms, relaxers, and dyes. It may also refer to hair that's never had extensions, weaves, or other treatment which can cause damage to the cuticles. Virgin hair is sometimes considered to be hair that's of an ideal quality, as it's less likely to have split ends and a dull appearance caused by dryness.

There are various alternatives to permanent dyes which can alter the color of the hair while still retaining its quality. For example, temporary dyes are much kinder to the hair than permanent and semi-permanent dyes, and sometimes also include conditioners that actually improve the condition of the hair."

Perhaps the reason many women opt for Brazilian hair bundles is that these give them the chance to experiment with varied looks without having to subject their real hair to harmful chemical products. Customers can buy these exquisite hair pieces in various styles and lengths, allowing them to have the look they want without committing to it for a long time.

Hair extensions and hair bundles also allow women to give their natural hair a rest from the heat of styling products like irons and hair blowers. Additionally, using virgin hair can give the wearer a fresher look, with hair that has been largely untouched and undamaged by styling products.

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