Are Remy Extensions Ideal for You? The Right Questions to Ask Yourself

Adding hair extensions is a great way to get the body and thickness that you always wanted. While some extensions feature natural hair, you'll also find more affordable extensions made from other types of natural or synthetic fibers. As much as you love the look, extensions aren't right for everyone. Learn more about the process and some other factors before making an appointment with your stylist.

What Type of Extensions Do You Need?

One thing you need to think about is the type of hair extensions you want. MicroTip extensions feature a thinner end that the stylist will weave into your natural hair. The KeraTip variety uses a dab of keratin that the stylist adds to the end and then attaches to your hair. KeraTip extensions are great for women looking for extensions that last longer and require less maintenance. Another option is an I-Tip extension. I-Tip extensions use a combination of plastic tubes and keratin to bond the fibers to your hair without requiring any heat.

How Do You Care and Maintain Extensions?

No matter how much you love the look of extensions, you must keep in mind the daily care and maintenance required. Synthetic extensions can go weeks without proper cleaning, while natural extensions made from real hair will require more cleaning. You'll also want to avoid using certain types of chemicals on your hair, which may limit the hair care products that you can use. Stylists often recommend that extension users avoid swimming pools and heat. Using a hairdryer can actually melt the plastic used in some extensions, and the chemicals used in swimming pools can damage the materials used to bond the extensions to your hair.

What Look Do You Want to Achieve?

Whether you decide on Remy hair extensions or another variety, you need to give some thought to the finished look you want and hope to achieve. While extensions can make your hair look fuller and thicker, you want to opt for extensions that closely match the natural color and style of your hair. Using extensions that are just one or two shades off your natural hair color can create a style that looks cheap or fake. Ask your stylist for some help picking the right extensions for your hair.


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