A Beautiful Lace Closure Can Help Hide Signs of Hair Loss among Women

Many people tend to associate hair loss with men. Unfortunately, medical experts claim that hair loss can affect women as well. An article from WebMD details how women are putting themselves at risk of hair loss: Hair Loss
"All of the things women do to manipulate their hair -- dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons -- can result in damage and breakage, [Dr.] Roberts says. This includes brushing too much and towel drying aggressively when the hair is wet."
According to doctors, hair loss in women tends to start as thinning near the crown of the head, and exposing the scalp. Fortunately, women can hide thinning hair by using a beautiful Brazilian lace closure. Lace closures function in the same way as wigs. The biggest difference between the two, however, is that the hair attached to lace closures can be styled and parted in different directions, allowing it to look like a woman's natural hair. Other advantages that lace closures provide include: Versatility Lace closure companies like Her Hair Company, Inc. make use of real virgin Brazilian hair for their lace closures. This method allows the closure to seamlessly blend in with any type of hair. Lace closures are also available in a variety of colors, allowing women to easily match their piece with their natural hair color. Protection Lace closures cover existing hair, reducing its exposure to harmful elements and chemicals. If your hair loss was triggered by the chemical treatments mentioned in the WebMD article, a lace closure can provide the protection your hair needs to regain its strength, whether through natural rest or medical treatment. (Source: Women and hair Loss: Possible Causes; WebMD)


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