Beautiful Wavy Hair Extension: Celebrities’ Secret to a Fuller Hair

With the summer season quite close, fashion gurus are already trumpeting the latest in spring/summer vogue like khaki, hippie-chic, and reinvented denim. One thing is certain, though. Whatever fashion trend may emerge, long hair will never go out of style.

Hairstyles have entered and left and re-entered the fashion scene for years, but women have never grown tired of long, flowing locks. Some celebrities even use a natural wavy hair extension to cut the monotony of straight hair. You, too, can rock the styles of celebrities this coming summer by investing in beautiful hair extensions.

Why Hair Extensions?

Ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities are able to show off those beautiful hairdos on the red carpet? Hair extensions are their best friend; with extensions, they could have any eye-catching hairstyle they want or cover an unintentionally bad haircut.

Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Aniston use extensions frequently, mainly because these hair pieces make it easier for hair stylists to work magic on their hair and instantly change their looks. Non-celebrity women, meanwhile, whose natural hair are unfortunately short, invest in hair extensions to increase the length and volume of their hair as needed.

How to Make Them Work

Kacey Welch, hair stylist to stars like LeAnn Rimes and Kate Hudson, shared a basic trick on how to make hair extensions look so natural on celebrities: choose quality human hair that exactly matches the celebrity’s natural hair, from its texture and density to its color. “Celebrities are willing to pay anything to get the best quality hair out there,” she said in an article for Beauty World News. Wow, celebrity hair stylists must be making a lot from doing the hair of very picky and perfectionist clients.

Another tip Welch gave is to choose hair extensions that would surprise the audience or fans (or, if you’re just an ordinary lady, basically anyone you meet). “It's not just about putting some pieces of hair in your head - you need to make sure that you are also getting the best cut and color as well,” she advised.

Hair extensions may seem like a great investment at first, but it will definitely pay off in the long run, especially if you use natural Brazilian hair extensions from shops such as Her Hair Company that sells high-quality, premium virgin hair extensions.

As Welch herself said, you don’t need to be a celebrity to afford quality hair extensions as there is an abundance of them in the market. Care must be given to the type of extension you choose, though, lest your investment result in a hair brouhaha.

(Source: The Best Hair Extensions in Hollywood: Methods, Cost & Secrets From Expert Kacey Welch, Beauty World News)


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