Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals and Savvy Hair Tips for Thinning Locks

Bald spots or thinning hair is just as awkward and uncomfortable for women as it is for men. In fact, it's pretty common for a woman to feel envy upon seeing another sashay with lustrous Brazilian body wave in a party, while she has no choice but to take frequent bathroom trips to load up on volumizer, in the hopes that it will put some body back in her hair.

While some cases of hair thinning require serious medical attention, mild cases may be remedied with minor enhancements on the hair care routine and the use of extensions. If yours isn't that severe, try these hair volumizing tips:

Base shampoo on your hair type.

Is your hair dry or oily? Determine your hair condition to know the appropriate formula. Shampoo for dry hair lightly moisturizes the strand without weighing it down, but shampooing need not be regular. Dry hair, on the other hand, need not be shampooed regularly. As for fine, oily hair, though, daily washing is required every day to remove excess oil that weighs the hair down.

Handle it gently.

Refrain from rubbing your hair when drying because it leads to hair detachment. When combing, start from the tangled strands at the tip, and hold your hair firmly for support. This helps reduce the brushing pressure on the roots.

Lift 'em up

Lightly blow dry your hair until slightly damp. Apply the volumizing products at the roots and blow dry further with head turned upside down. This lifts the roots, giving an illusion of thicker hair. You may also use curlers or rollers to further add volume, but be sure not to tug too much, and protect your hair from heat with thermal protectant.

Hair color does magic.

If placed strategically, it can make your hair appear thicker. The hairstylist can use highlights to create contrast between your scalp and hair. A multi-dimensional look with two or three shades create the illusion of bounciness. Plus, the product also expands the strand so it appears thicker. Be careful, though, as some treatment can prove too strong, leading to damage.

Use hair extensions

Hair extensions are artificial ways to instantly glamour up your mane. For a seamless look, opt for natural ones like virgin Brazilian hair extensions. These do not undergo chemical processing unlike their synthetic counterpart. Take advantage of discounts from Brazilian hair bundle deals, which you can buy in stores like Her Hair Company for better savings, because individual bundles are more expensive, not to mention that you might run out of extensions to achieve satisfactory volume.

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