Enhance Your Everyday Look by Wearing Quality Virgin Hair Extensions

Having a “bad hair day” can automatically ruin a woman’s entire day. Women spend thousands of money on different styling products and visits to the hair salon just to achieve those long, shiny, and voluminous locks. With their pursuit of having their dream hair, however, they tend to become heedless of the effects of these products and methods, resulting to more damaged hair.

Step up your hair game by wearing virgin hair extensions to achieve a more sophisticated look that you have always dreamed of. Attachments of these extensions can be through a variety of easy methods, too, such as clip-ins, adhesives, or sewing it to specific areas of your head to achieve natural-looking, healthy hair.

Natural vs Synthetic

Ideally, natural hair extensions are more expensive in comparison to synthetic ones. The associated costs of natural virgin hair extensions correspond to its quality, since these still contain hair cuticle that is essential for having soft and shiny hair. Although synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, the downside is that these do not blend together with the natural hair and yield different styling preferences.

Blending Hair Extensions

Since the objective of wearing hair extensions is to achieve healthy looking hair, its color, texture, and length are crucial. For colored hair, it is important to pick the closest or the exact shade of extensions; don’t forget to take into consideration your skin tone.

Avoid choosing extensions that are far from the natural hair’s texture such that it has excessive shine and are of greater density. Match the extensions to the natural hair’s density by selecting lighter extensions for natural, thick hair and medium density for coarse strands. The manner of attachment should be corresponding to the hair’s strength such that it should be placed on the strongest area and not along the hairline or the back of the neck.

Hair Extensions Care

Similar to caring for natural hair, regular washing is needed for taking care of hair extensions. To keep its strength, and to avoid premature wear and tear, make sure to let it dry first before styling. Hold extensions at the roots, too, when brushing, and start from there down to the ends. Different hair products may be applied as well, however using oils on the roots may result to slipping or removal of extensions.

Hair establishments like Her Hair Company, understand the importance of hair for women. They also offer different styles of quality hair extensions from straight, wavy, to curly that would fit the desired style of their clients. Ask for professional stylists’ opinions on what type will suit your hair best.

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