Fact vs. Myth: The Real Score and Benefits of Best Hair Extensions

Women are more likely to spend more on their appearance, allotting budget for their clothing, accessories, certain medical procedures, and of course, maintaining their crowning glory. However, not all women are naturally born with gorgeous locks. For this, they opt to get several hair treatments. The problem with these chemical-based solutions, however, is that they usually end up leaving the hair brittle and damaged eventually.

Celebrities, for example, are very prone to severe hair damage because of their heavy exposure to different hair styling and treatments, as needed by their job. Hair damage or not, however, the show must go on. Fortunately, they can rely on a quick, reliable fix in the form of a high quality Brazilian hair weave. With this, they can easily transform their looks with no trace of any hair issues or damage at all.

Because more and more celebrities have been becoming vocal in their use of extensions, it’s not surprising that plenty of other women everywhere would also want to try it out. There are still those, however, who are wary because of all the things they’ve been hearing about it, among which are the following:

Misconception 1: Hair Extensions cause hair loss - Probably the most popular mistaken belief on hair extensions is that it may result in hair loss. Although there may have been cases reported on this, the fact of the matter is that hair extensions are, mostly, very safe for use. As with every other product, improper use may result in unfortunate scenarios, hair extensions included. However, for as long as a professional attaches the extension, and the wearer makes sure to follow its care procedures to the letter, this shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

Misconception 2: Hair Extensions are costly – A better way to look at it is from the angle of investment. Hair extensions, properly cared for, are known for their longevity, which translates to savings from weekly trips to the salon. This is why consulting with different hair salons like the Her Hair Company is important in order to get the most suitable deal for the best hair extensions you desire and, of course, the look that you want to achieve.

Misconception 3: It’s fake, therefore it’s bad for you – There are synthetic hair extensions, yes, but also, there are natural ones. From Remy to virgin, there is no shortage of choices for the picky, hair-conscious woman.

As long as you get the proper advice and guidance from a reliable hairstylist, making the decision to go for hair extensions should instead be an adventure women everywhere could choose to take the leap into.

(Source: Common Hair Extension Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked,


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