How to Care For Your Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions in the Summer

Women who prefer to wear their virgin hair extensions through summer’s high heat will find that their weave don’t go very well with the heat and the wave—for good reason. Heat, salt, and chlorine are all known to damage hair extensions as they wear away the cuticles. These activities, however—being out in the sun or getting into the pool during the hot summer days—can’t be avoided. How then can you enjoy wearing your beautiful hair extensions all summer long? Here are some tips to keep in mind when you decide to have some fun with your friends under the summer heat;

  • Cover – When you need to take a walk and soak up the sun, consider covering your hair at least. A nice fashionable fedora hat or a neatly tied bandanna not only can make you look like a fashionista, but can also protect your precious virgin hair extension. The harmful rays of the sun can dry up your extensions and cause them to tangle, so always remember to pack something for your hair to protect your head every time you step out of the door.
  • Condition – The sun’s intense heat is bound to dry out your hair quickly. Make sure to condition your extensions frequently to protect it from drying up. If possible, condition your hair every few hours or so with a hair moisturizing spray to keep it hydrated throughout the day. If the spray-on is not enough, you can try applying a thin coating of natural hair oil.
  • Wet – If possible, try not to get the extensions wet; wear a swimming cap every time you take a dip. If wearing a swimming cap is not your thing, it’s all right to plunge into the water without it, but try not to stay in the water too long. An hour or two should be enough; beyond that, you would be exposing your hair extensions to salt or chlorine, which could be damaging to your extensions. After your swim, remember to comb through your hair to avoid getting the strands all tangled up. Apply a coat of moisturizer when done.

As a final reminder, remember that some virgin hair extensions can stand heat better than other types. Brazilian hair extensions are known for their strength and quality so they make a great choice in the summer, especially when cared for properly. It’s important to purchase your virgin hair extensions from trusted names like Her Hair Company to ensure authentic and top quality virgin hair.


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How to Care for Hair Extensions in the Summer,


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