How to Prove Pop Culture Wrong About Curls with Human Hair Extensions

Curly hair's a rarity. You're less likely to find people with curls in the workplace, as some prefer straight over curly (but hardly any outright ban exists). Even the red carpet, where there's more fashion freedom, is largely ruled by straights. That's why women who sport curls in their hair are often called risk-takers. When done right, curly hair can attract some serious attention. Kerry Washington's curly hair, for instance, got the media looking for not only her, but also her stylist.
"We so rarely see naturally curly hair on the red carpet that anytime a celeb ventures the texture, we sit up and take notice. And when the curls are as glossy and gorgeous as Kerry Washington's, we call her stylist to get his secrets. Celeb superstylist Mark Townsend was responsible for the star's voluminous but in-control coif. We asked him what inspired the star's luxe locks - and how we can get the look ourselves."
Keep in mind this comes from a person with natural curls, as the star claims, and who works in film where hair ironing is almost frequent. It isn't so much about the hair as the head where the strands cling. Given the attention she received thanks to her curly hair, this "risk" has more than paid off for her.

How to Prove Pop Culture Wrong About Curls with Human Hair Extensions

Hairstylists say people with straight hair mean business, but curly hair - being risk-takers - tell a different story. The curls often say they're willing to give it their all no matter what, "go out on a limb," as experts put it. If you want to sport curly hair, there's no stopping you. Employment laws even protect workers from unjust policies. Experts, however, warn those planning to wear curly hair to a job interview or event that it takes a different level of care. Just as there's a right way, there's also a wrong way. For starters, there's no telling when the ideal curl will pop. It's both exciting and frustrating in a way. Many say it's something in the air, perhaps a bit more humidity that ruins the painstaking learning curve of styling curls. When you can't achieve that ideal curl all the time, perhaps locks of curly human hair extensions may hold the answer. At least it's better than subjecting your hair to harmful chemicals. If you don't want best Brazilian hair extensions to be glued to your existing hair, clip-ins are another option. You may even find some inspiration for a new curl by browsing the choices of hair extension dealers like Her Hair Company. (Article information from "Kerry Washington's Curly Hair: We're Officially Obsessed," People, February 28, 2014)


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