Lace Closure: The Finishing Touch for a Naturally Beautiful Hair Weave

Many women desire long, beautiful hair but growing it out naturally can take many months. If donning a wig does not sound appealing to you, you might want to consider getting a hair weave instead. In this hair extension method, your locks are braided into corn rows first, then extensions are sewn into them to achieve a natural look. As an article from explains, sewn in weaves offer women a lot of benefits:
"Sewn in hair weaves are a particularly savvy approach to weaves because they allow you to change your look without damaging your hair with constant hair styling or treatment. Instead of having to dye your hair time and time again or using a curling iron or hair straightener, you can instead invest in some high quality weaves. If you invest in products, people won't even be able to tell that you have a weave.

Another benefit to using sewn in hair weaves is that they last longer than other weaves. This is because the weaves are sewn in and are sure to stay put longer than those that are glued. Sewn in hair weaves do not take all that much to maintain and should last as long as a regular haircut and color."

To cover the exposed corn rows at the top of your head, stylists use lace closures - hairpieces made of lace with hair extensions threaded and knotted into them. The knots are bleached to imitate the appearance of your natural scalp, so you can part your hair without people knowing you're wearing a weave.

advantages of sewn hair weaves

Of course, a natural look can only be achieved if you get a high-quality lace closure. As such, you ought to look for products from trusted companies like Her Hair Company that thread their closures with virgin Remy hair, one of the best hair extensions available in the market.

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