On Hair Matters: Things That You Need to Learn About the Lace Closure

When it comes to adding length and volume to your hair, one of your options is a  lace closure. What is it, though? Also, what makes it a good option?

For those not yet familiar with it, a closure is a type of hair piece with a width and length of only a few inches. It is usually attached to a cornrow base and held in place around the perimeter. Baller Alert, a magazine-style website that carries celebrity news and lifestyle articles, noted that closures come in two types: lace and silk. However, lace is more commonly used partly because it is thinner, meaning it lies flat on your head when worn.

Advantages of Lace Closures

No problems with texture. You can select the texture you prefer with closures as they come in practically any texture. You can even try a texture that you might have previously avoided due to the difficulty of creating the right blend.

No problems with color, either. Coloring your hair can be damaging in the long run. With closures, you won’t need to color your natural hair to match the piece. A closure has intact cuticles so it can be lightened or darkened to your preference; thus, you don’t risk your real hair.

Natural Look. A quality closure will look so natural that no one can tell that you are wearing one. According to lifestyle website Juicy, a closure is designed with bleached knots and medium density to replicate the look of an actual healthy scalp. This gives you versatility on where you want to part your hair. You can also move your hair away from your face as the hairline will also look natural.

Easy maintenance. As long as the closure is properly installed, you’ll need to do little to no maintenance except for standard washing. Mostly, the only additional thing you’ll do is wearing a bonnet at night to protect it while you sleep.

Dual-purpose. Closures also serve as protection for your real hair. As such, they are ideal for women who can grow their hair long but want to give their real hair a break from all the styling and treatments.

If you want to use closures, you can easily find one that fits your needs from hair piece suppliers. Some, like Her Hair Company, offers  Brazilian lace closure pieces that use 100% virgin hair, which is the preferred component of high-quality hair extensions because of its natural look, durability, and versatility.


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