Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Weaves with the Help of Quality Lace Closures

What do Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Gabriel Union all have in common? Aside from being naturally gorgeous, they all use weaves to add length and beauty to their hair.

Of course, Hollywood celebrities aren't the only fans of hair weaves since women from all walks of life employ these hair extensions as well. That being said, not all ladies have access to top hairstylists who can give them that natural-looking weave you see on screen. A lot of times, women walk away from the salon with a weave job that looks anything but natural - a fact that hairstylist Keith Campbell laments in this post published on
"This is a bit of a struggle for me, but I must speak the truth in love. So, please don't charge my heart or shoot the messenger while I deliver a word of beauty advice. I'm really tired of looking at bad weaves! I see them in the airport, on the train, at the gym, and walking down the street. Oh, I can go on and on, but I'll fall back. My philosophy about the issue is this: whatever is done right, works and whatever is done out of ignorance, just leads to a bad presentation. In this case, it's a bad weave."

A lot of things can lead to a less-than-stellar weave, such as poor application techniques and low-quality extensions. Another thing that often gives weave wearers away is the front of their hair. During the weave process, the hair is braided first and the extensions are sewn near the crown to create a "horse-shoe" or U-shaped formation. Unfortunately, this leaves the top part of the head exposed and attempts to blend the front hairline with the crown area often yield unsatisfactory results.

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Weaves with the Help of Quality Lace Closures

However, you can purchase lace closures to solve this dilemma. As the name suggests, these hairpieces are made from lace that are threaded with virgin Remy hair. They are then applied to the top part of your head to cover the braided tracks. They are so realistic that you can even part your hair - something that other weave wearers simply cannot do.

Remember though that how good your weave looks depends on the quality of the lace closure used. As such, be sure to buy yours from trusted online retailers like Her Hair Company so you can avoid the dreaded bad weave described above.

(Source: When Bad Weaves Happen To Good People,, March 12, 2010)


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