Styling with our Brazilian Straight Hair

Think of ladies such as Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian-West, and even your favorite YouTube beauty gurus. Aside from being seen on the red carpet or within the comfort of your home, what do they all have in common? They all rock straight hairstyles, and can still change their look no matter the event. However, not all women find it as easy to style their hair accordingly.


Taking a look at the root of the problem most women face is a good place to start. There are boundaries that come along any straight hairstyle; there are certain features that will be accentuated while others may appear less significant. With this being said, make sure you're picking the right hairstyle according to your own personal features. Women whom desire a more structured and contoured look, styling with our Brazilian Straight hair will give you the perfect outcome. Other aspects include whether or not you prefer a waist length Boho chic look or a more modern edgy style.

While any woman can technically rock almost any hairstyle (take the Youtube guru who has raved about all of Her Hair Company's textures, Fabulosityisme's recent two-toned straight look featured above, for example), some still tend to stand out from the rest. Here are a few of the most recommended:

Long, Sleek, and Straight - Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union's trademark long locks set a lavish example. Long, sleek hair is still the most highly sought after hairstyle to date because of its simplicity. Due to its great framing effect, the hairstyle creates dimension without adding too much volume, especially for those whom prefer to highlight their high cheekbones. A common issue among those who want to execute this style is lack of length and dimension. Those whom want to highlight their demurred features are nicely complemented by the styles' way of tricking the eye into seeing length and definition.  And for women, who currently have short hair, don't fret - add-ons like natural Brazilian hair from retailers, such as Her Hair Company, have you covered.

Mixed-length Layers - Keeping it long then spicing it up with layers is also a good way to go! Preferably, the layers should start slightly below the chin and should be angled outward instead of inward. The most important tip to consider is that the face must not be boxed in (preventing from doing so will make a more contoured appearance). Oscar nominated actress Taraji P. Henson's nicely layered 'do is a good example of how to maximize with layers.

Long with Fringes - Women who don't want to opt for layering can rest easy with a fringe (also known as bangs) that are similar to supermodel Naomi Campbell - just don't go near a short, blunt cut that will further emphasize a roundness factor. Generally, a long wispy fringe will provide the best results, but a longer fringe-worthy look will work best for those with thicker hair. There is no need to worry, as this hairstyle will work with any texture of hair, including Brazilian straight hair extensions.

(Source: Hot Hairstyles for Round Faces,, August 28, 2008)


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