Using Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions as Camouflage for Short Hair

Some women tend to cut their hair rather short, from pixie styles to above-the-shoulder bobs. While sporting a shorter ‘do may work in showing off more of the facial features, there may be times when wearing it long is the better option.

For certain formal occasions, for example, longer hair becomes a preferred option because of the wider variety of options for applicable hairstyles. For this, hair extensions, specifically those fashioned from Brazilian virgin hair from outfits like Her Hair Company, can help you meet your stylist’s required hair length.

Taking Picks

When you’re looking at Brazilian hair for sale to augment your short hairstyle, choose something close to your natural hair color and must be at least 18 inches long. For this to work, your pixie cut should at least be four inches long. Look for specific Brazilian hair extensions that can be easily camouflaged, as glued-on extensions are challenging to mask under the layers.

Hair extensions experts would say that if you’re using clip-ons, attach them as close to your scalp as possible. You can then use a hair straightener to gradually blend them in. As for hairstyling with the extensions in play, work on them once the extensions have been safely locked in. You might save some time changing your hairdo that way.


If you’re looking for inspirations on how a pixie haircut can work with extensions, look no further than Lily Collins. The Daily Mail stated in June 2015 that the only child of singer Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman posted two selfies on Instagram that alluded to her having extensions and a weave. She had been sporting a pixie cut since February 2015, and was fresh from a stint at the Paris Fashion Haute Couture Week when she made her selfies. However, she dismissed thoughts of planning to grow her hair back and was “playing around” with the extensions.

It can be easy to surprise someone with longer hair when you sport a close-cropped mop and haven’t been seen around in a while. You can make the stylistic leap and look good through a set of quality extensions.


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