Virgin Hair Extensions: The Best in Style, Durability and Quality

Many famous celebrities are relying on hair extensions to add more volume and length to their natural hair. Recently, hair extensions have become the hottest hairstyle trend, making women around the world want to get the look. With the many styles and textures offered by hair salons out there, how can you know which particular style or texture would look best on you?


The "Hair" in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be made of different kinds of hair. It could be synthetic, human, animal or even a mixture of these. Hairstylists and hair extensions enthusiasts, however,agree that 100% human hair is the best when it comes to quality and durability. Virgin hair in particular comes highly recommended. In fact, some would say that this is the best kind of hair extensions available in the market.

Virgin hair, in a basic sense refers to human hair that has not been treated, chemically altered or damaged in any way. Virgin hair is taken from a donor and then later styled in several different fashions. If well taken care of, virgin hair can last a very long time.

Types of Textures and Style

Virgin hair is styled in many different ways and there are many textures that are available out there. These hair extensions are known for their distinct natural black color and come in a number of different styles like curly, wavy and straight. Some of the most popular are virgin Brazilian hair, virgin Peruvian hair, and virgin Malaysian hair.

However, the most sought after texture is the virgin Brazilian hair, characterized by its soft and dense straight and curly locks. These are very durable, highly stylish and easy to manage as it is less likely to frizz.The hair is also shiny and adds a lot of volume to natural hair.

On the other hand, virgin Peruvian hair is lighter and with less shine when compared to the dense virgin Brazilian hair. Virgin Malaysian hair is sleek and requires low maintenance. It can easily be curled or straightened and would look great when applied to many hair types.

Additionally, you can dye the virgin Brazilian hair to match your natural hair color. Another option is to purchase pre-colored hair extensions. If you need advice as to what style or color would suit you, you can always go to your local hair salons to ask about hair extensions.

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