A Brazilian Lace Closure Protects Natural Hair from Too Much Styling

Hair products and other paraphernalia used daily or during occasions can cause brittleness to your strands, regardless how much care you put into them. Women who require constant hair styling as part of their lifestyle or work apply hair pieces called closures to rest their roots underneath the artificial weaves and prevent further breakage.

Most closures sold in the market are made of lace, which are also preferred by most customers since the base resembles the skin tone of most scalps. With proper installation, the scalp receives optimal protection from the tension and stress of styling, while the closures are to be fashioned for desired looks.

Compared to other enhancements, a Brazilian lace closure is normally small with only a few inches in length with a cornrowed base. With the sew-in technique, the lacework is secured into the perimeter of your crown while your original locks are tucked safely underneath.

To seal the closure, the safest and most effective method is the “hair band method,” wherein a head band accessory is modified to fit the circumference of the head then sewn to the sides of the netted base. Another method of securing the piece is through taping the closure down into your original weaves, but the result is not as stable as the previous procedure.

Since your natural roots are safely hidden inside the lacework, your temporary threads are open to various styling and coloring possibilities, from dark body waves to blonde straight tresses.

Unlike other extension bundles with wefts in a particular direction, the hair enhancement allows parting your hair based into any side, similar to how you part your natural locks. Moreover, the bleached hue of the base gives a natural-looking appearance of your scalp and hairline.

To enjoy the beneficial effects of such product, a Brazilian lace closure weave has to be bought from established retailers like Her Hair Company, with authentic Brazilian hair that blends seamlessly to your natural threads. Customers of these hair companies are also assured of well-made and quality merchandise, with different textures in their selection.

Before putting any hair addition on, it’s important to wash and rinse your crown thoroughly for this will protect against thinning and matting. Also seek advice and guidance from hair styling professionals so you’ll know how to care and maintain for your lace closures and hair.


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