Brazilian Virgin Hair is a Great Investment: Tips on Choosing Wisely

Years ago, Brazilian virgin hair was only accessible to celebrities; however, almost anyone can purchase virgin hair extensions these days. In fact, when you purchase Brazilian hair extensions, you are making a great investment. With proper maintenance, this hair can last for a long period of time, and it will continue to hold its natural shine, luster, and great texture. So before you take out your credit card, you should do a little investigating to ensure you have the best Brazilian weave in your shopping cart. 

Great Texture

Brazilian hair for sale is one of the most popular types of extensions to purchase due to their great texture. Therefore, texture can be a basis if you’re trying to assess if the Brazilian hair extensions for sale are real or fake. Although virgin hair extensions are smooth, they will not be too silky or straight. Remember that they may be a little coarse, which makes them easier to blend with various hair types, particularly African-American hair.

The main reason that Brazilian hair extensions are not very straight and silky is because they come from a single donor, and do not go through any chemical treatment. Non-virgin hair extensions are almost always subjected to some type of chemical straightener that makes them too silky or straight.

Watch Out for Shedding and Tangling

When you purchase Brazilian hair, you will be able to determine its authenticity based on the shedding and tangling. Since these types of hair extensions are not known to tangle or shed too much, you will know if the extensions are authentic or not once you comb through them. It is not uncommon for a few strands to shed after a comb through, but it should not be in large amounts. Likewise, tangling could occur from time to time with the longer extensions, but it should not be excessive when you are using virgin hair extensions.

Natural Colors

Virgin hair extensions are able to maintain their shine because they have been protected from chemicals. This is what makes dyeing or coloring the extensions so easy to do once they are put in. If the color and texture of the hair extensions you’re considering are not 100 percent natural, they are more than likely fake, and you should avoid purchasing them. Authentic Brazilian virgin hair extensions are generally black, brown, or a mixture of both. As mentioned before, you have the option to dye your virgin hair extensions after purchasing them.


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