Brazilian Virgin Hair: Temporary Fix When Hair Thins Out by Crash Diet

Some women go to great lengths to get fit and lose the extra flab but taking dieting in the extreme. Taking the shortcut to find your way to your dream figure can potentially wreak havoc on your overall health.

In fact, crash dieting has, among other effects, caused significant hair shedding within months of your body being subjected to the stress due to deprivation. If you are losing your hair that you suspect may be due to an ill-devised diet plan, it pays to understand how extreme dieting can lead to hair loss so that you can turn around and prepare a healthier and safer weight loss plan.

Crash dieting causes “shock”

According to experts, your body experiences “shock” when you change your diet abruptly. When deprived of other essential nutrients, your body becomes malnourished, causing disturbance in your bodily processes the way trauma and illness can disrupt your well-being. To preserve itself, the body ceases providing nutrients to hair follicles, along with other parts, to feed the more vital organs.

Without needed nutrients, hair growth will stop, and eventually, hair will start shedding within two to three months of dieting. This condition is called Telogen Effluvium. Hair loss due to Telogen Effluvium is usually not permanent. Hair regrows as soon as the cause of stress subsides, though it will take months before hair volume becomes sufficient enough for styling.

How hair extensions can help

If your hair has thinned due to crash dieting, and you are waiting for it to regain volume, consider using hair extensions—like Brazilian virgin hair, in the meantime. By adding body and length to your tresses, not only will your hair extensions help conceal your thinning hair, you can also try on different styles while your natural hair gets a break.

Brazilian virgin hair, with its characteristic bounce, thickness, and low-luster sheen, is considered one of the best extensions for black and ethnic hair. They come in a variety of texture, including wavy, curly, straight, and body wave. Brazilian hair for sale from reliable suppliers of premium quality hair extensions, such as Her Hair Company, is responsive to heat styling so that you can curl up or straighten out hair. Nonetheless, proper installation and fitting are important to ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly and are fitted safely to avoid damage to your natural hair.

If you want to keep your tresses healthy, refrain from making sudden changes to your diet. As in most lifestyle changes, adjustments can go less taxing if tackled in moderation. After the recommended period of wearing your temporary weave has lapsed, give your scalp time to breathe before installing a new one.


Does dieting cause hair loss?

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