Caring for Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

Caring for Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

The package of Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived at your doorstep. The excitement alone may keep you buzzing all the way to the beauty salon, but many don’t realize that caring for Brazilian hair extensions begins as soon as you open your package. Her Hair Company Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions have an average lifespan of 6 months to one year if cared for properly. This is why the way you care for your Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions is just as important as the company you decide to invest in.

Her Hair Company has been associated with a number of sources for hair extension care ranging from viral YouTube tutorials to in-depth customer reviews. With so much information available, it can sometimes be overwhelming in finding the exact information you need. In this article, we wanted to provide our customers hair care tips for virgin hair straight from the source from the time its delivered to the time you take it to your trusted cosmetologist.

Initially when receiving your Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions you’ll want to inspect your package. This can be done by removing each bundle from its individual wrapping. Check to ensure you’ve received the correct lengths, texture, and inspect each bundle from weft to ends. Once you’ve confirmed all the contents of your package are in good standing, you can prepare your bundles for your appointment.

Co-Washing is Key

Hair extension care is a necessary part of the longevity of Brazilian hair extensions. Co-washing has been proven an effective method. The term co-wash means to wash hair with only conditioner. This process assist in restoring the hair of its moisture and refreshing it back to its natural state.  In order to co-wash your bundles, we recommend using lukewarm water and a conditioner free of parabens and sulfate. Once thoroughly co-washed, hang bundles to air-dry. Keep in mind that co-washing will need to be repeated after your bundles are installed on a weekly basis.

Using Hair-Care Products

Caring for Brazilian hair extensions also includes what products you choose to use to maintain your desired look. Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions have an added benefit of not needing a lot of product to thrive. Use the mantra “less is more” when considering adding products such as serums, oils, mousse, etc; These products can weigh down the hair and appear greasy over time. Shampooing with a sulfate-free product is even suggested on a bi-weekly basis as it can strip the hair of its natural oils leading to tangling or shedding as a result of dry strands.

Now that you have the basic hair-care tips for Virgin hair under your belt, you’ll find that your overall experience can be hassle-free with just a little maintenance.

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