Brazilian Weave Extensions: Keeping Up with the Latest Fashion Trends

In the beauty department, women tend to change their looks regularly as to keep pace with what’s new and what’s hot. For example, Canadian-American actress, model, author, and former showgirl, Pamela Anderson, known for being the buxom babe with her long, shiny blonde hair, jumped in on the pixie cut bandwagon in late 2013, leaving everyone at a complete surprise with her big transformation.

Just a few months in, though, at the World Music Awards 2014 in Monte Carlo, she was back to sporting long, blonde locks. She, of course, did not have fast-growing hair. Instead, she relied on hair extensions, just like plenty of other celebrities when rushing to prepare their look for a big event.

You can wear extensions too!

Many women consider wearing hair extensions too due to varying reasons. Aside from its usual benefit of enhancing your overall appearance, these are actually easy to maintain since they are already styled. Wearing a high-quality Brazilian weave is in fact the most suited type for women who do not have the luxury of time to style their hair, especially if they are properly cared for.

Since these come with different application techniques, such as clip-ins extensions, it allows its wearers to experiment with many looks instantly by simply removing it and attaching new set of hair extensions with a either a new color or length. When styling is desired, hair extensions become the natural hair’s protection from damages caused by heating equipment and harsh chemicals, yet precautions should still be considered.

Caring for your extensions

Naturally, hair extensions require proper maintenance just as how natural hair needs it, like shampooing every other day or at a maximum of two days. Conditioning is vital in ensuring that extensions keep their nourishment, as well as following careful brushing techniques to avoid tangles and pressure at its attachment point.

Do not overlook the importance of visiting your trusted hair salons like Her Hair Company for retightening or application of new hairpieces to ensure that you look glamorous with your quality and best hair extensions. With proper maintenance, you should be able to enjoy your look for a much longer time, or at least until you decide you want to change it up once more.

(Source: Pamela Anderson goes back to long hair at World Music Awards,


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