Caring for your Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions this Summer Vacation

Heading to the beach this summer? Swimming on salt water (or even on pools with chlorine-filled water), not to mention the heat of the sun, might seem like an appealing summer escapade, but this might not be the case for your hair. A combination of sun, sweat, and salt water or chlorine is enough to damage your natural hair and even turn your extensions into a tangled mess.

Though proper care and maintenance for your hair extensions is an absolute must all year round, summer always presents the biggest threat of having a sweaty, itchy, and smelly mess of hair that hampers your idea of a fun summer vacation. If you’re looking forward for a whole day of fun and activities under the sun, here are some expert advice on caring for your hair extensions.

Invest in a High-Quality Hair Extension

Getting a high-quality hair extension is an absolute must, particularly during summertime. Some hair extensions, particularly cheap ones, tend to tangle and mat easily during the summer months, along with making your head feel uncomfortable with hot temperature and sweat build-up.

To avoid this from happening, invest on  Brazilian hair for sale from companies like Her Hair Company, wherein the cuticles remain intact and aligned. Getting curly or wavy hair is also advisable for humid days to come, since such locks are not only sexier-looking but are also easy to blend with your natural hair.

Brush Your Hair Everyday

When you’re out celebrating the summer heat, don’t forget to comb your hair regularly to free your weave from tangles. Though you may use a regular brush in untangling the ends of your hair, these may yank the extensions. The best choice is to use a special extension-friendly brush which you can use everyday.

Wash Hair More Frequently

Shampooing and conditioning your hair should be done more often during the summer months to prevent dirt and sweat from building up. With higher temperatures and activities, your hair and your scalp need to breathe now more than ever, so don’t forego regularly washing your hair with sulfate-free hair products. Stick to two or three shampoos in a week, and when washing your hair, take great care in not rubbing, scrubbing, or bunching your hair as doing so can rough up the bonds.

Hair extensions, particularly Brazilian virgin hair extensions, are worthwhile investments if taken care of properly, especially this summer. You can keep your hair extensions looking as fabulous and natural as the first time you’ve put them on your hair, as long as you follow these expert tips.


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