How you Can Avoid Matting and Tangling your Virgin Hair Extensions

For avid hair extension enthusiasts, nothing can be worse than acquiring a new set of hair extensions, only for them to matt and tangle after just a few weeks of use. Though it’s sometimes unavoidable for hair extensions to lose their luster or get tangled due to prolonged use, you can prevent this from happening by investing on  virgin hair extensions, along with these other tips to keep in mind.

Keep your Hair Clean

The first thing to remember when maintaining your hair extensions is to treat them like you would your natural hair. Vital steps include washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, though with the case of hair extensions, you’ll need to use mild and sulfate-free products and conditioners with little silicone content.

Conditioning the Proper Way

Though leave-in conditioners work best in bringing life and luster back to hair extensions, it wouldn’t do to leave too much of these on your hair. Applying excessive amounts of leave-in conditioners could only lead to further build-up, which would make it easier for your extensions to matt and tangle. Use these types of conditioners sparingly and adequately.

Wearing Your Hair to Bed

Before going to bed with your hair extensions, never forget to dry it off. Sleeping with hair extensions only makes it easier for your extensions to tangle, so never forget to take the time in drying your strands and tying them up in a loose ponytail before you sleep. It also helps to sleep on a silk pillowcase to help hair slide easily and keep the ends soft while you sleep.

Don’t Brush your Hair More than Twice a Day

Though brushing your hair is the best way to avoid tangling, overdoing it by brushing more than twice a day might only make it more susceptible to matting. Should you want to brush your hair more than the recommended number of times, use a loop brush that would be gentle on your mane.

Wear a Swim Cap when Swimming

Now that this season once again calls for swimming escapades, you’ll want to add swim caps to your list of things to bring. Swim caps offer protection for your hair, keeping it dry and clean and doing away with the need to constantly comb it out. Without swim caps, you’re leaving your hair more susceptible to tangling and matting due to the chlorine in pool water.

Of course, investing in high-quality  virgin Brazilian hair extensions offered by companies like Her Hair Company can make your life easier, since these types of extensions tangle less often, making your hair look wonderful all year round.


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