Dry Shampoo: The Less-Known Hero of Wavy Hair and Hair Extensions

Dry shampoo may as well be the most oxymoronic name in use today. Then again, as Murphy's Law states, "if it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid." As weird as it sounds, people who take their hair seriously can't have great hair without it. While it works the same way as shampoo, it does its trick without rinsing; just spray, lather, and comb. The key ingredients in dry shampoo are usually alcohol and talc, absorbing the oil for cleaner hair on the go. They're good for cleaning your hair when you're not taking a bath; but as one Layered product review states, they're also good for another thing. The review writes:
"Hailed as a 'dry shampoo with styling benefits', this has enough refreshing power to allow you to completely re-shape styles that have fallen flat. Plus, it disappears instantly (no vigorous rubbing or brushing required) and won't leave hair feeling as thick or heavy as other dry shampoos are guilty of."
While not to be treated as a substitute for regular shampoo, dry shampoo is more delicate on quality hair extensions. Frequent heavy shampooing can disturb the bonds between natural hair and the extensions, causing them to weaken or fall apart. Dry shampoo is highly recommended for people with hair that takes too long to dry, namely wavy hair.

Dry Shampoo: The Less-Known Hero of Wavy Hair and Hair Extensions

Wavy hair, as you may know, is notorious for making drying a chore, even with a hair dryer. The idea is to prevent the hair from being heavy while avoiding frizz in the process. Dry shampoo is a quick fix for wavy-haired women with hardly the time to dry carefully their hair. However, after a while, experts suggest going back to regular shampoo. The best hair extensions need to have the best wavy hairstyle to match. Wavy hair extensions on, say, curly hair may as well be making apple pie with oranges. With dry shampoo, it's easy for stylists to craft your hair to match the extensions from reputable dealers like Her Hair Company. In a way, you can also consider dry shampoo as a staple when getting wavy hair extensions. Before using one, however, ask your trusted stylist whether it's good for your hair. (Article information from "Think you know dry shampoo?" Layered Online, March 9, 2014)


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