High-Quality Curly Hair Extensions: Get a Trendy Look This Spring

This year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner held in late April featured a lot of surprises, as Hollywood Life’s Kindra Bailey puts it--from President Obama’s anger translator to his wife’s head of curls.

The First Lady is often seen with a bob cut, so her new curly ‘do came as a surprise. Along with her metallic silver sleeveless dress by Zac Posen, makeup by Carl Ray, and berry red lipstick courtesy of CK One, her curly hair was a stunning attempt to look different.

Curly Hair Season

Hairstylists say that spring is a good time to have a fresh, new look. According to NY1 Arts and Culture reporter Stephanie Simon, curls are all the rage this season. As everything is about nature, natural makeup and hairstyles are a fitting combination right now. Simon herself used to have curly hair when she was a kid but was forced to go for a straight look due to difficulty in maintenance.

Quality Extensions

The struggle to maintain curls, fortunately, have been largely solved by quality Brazilian hair extensions, especially those from trusted suppliers like Her Hair Company. Remy hair extensions, in particular, make use of natural hair that has never seen treatment, with the cuticles still intact. This renders Remy hair extensions smooth, glossy, strong, and easy to style and maintain.

Many vloggers (or video bloggers) on YouTube have reviewed Remy hair extensions from Her Hair Company and have given top ratings to the Brazilian Curly. Below are the highlights of vlogger Ambre Renee’s review.

  • No problems like tangling and matting, even when washed, combed, and even straightened. It always goes back to its original form, retaining its body and fluff, something which other hair companies struggle to perfect.
  • Shedding is minimal, but it’s inevitable for any hair extension regardless of the quality.

Another vlogger, Ivy Dear, generally shares the same comments and more.

  • It doesn’t like being treated heavily with hair products, especially for the sake of untangling. Its fresh look can be retained with a simple co-wash or shampoo once a week or every two weeks.
  • Should the curls tangle, untangling can be done with finger combing.

In addition, the price for quality hair extensions are not as out-of-reach as some might think. You can find very reasonable prices for these hair pieces, including their shipping costs. If maintenance is a concern, yet you’re determined to have curly long hair for spring, quality hair extensions are the way to go.


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“Embracing Curly Hair a Hot Trend for Spring,” NY1 News, March 9, 2015


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