High-Quality Lace Closures Enhance Versatility of Hair Extensions

Though the purpose of hair extensions are mostly for aesthetics, some women use it to complement their lifestyle, such as an aid in their career or a temporary solution to hair loss problems. One of the concerns of hair extension users, however, is the damage done to their natural hair, particularly the “leave outs”, which are visible strands of natural hair that are blended with the extensions. In order to match and blend in with the texture and color of hair extensions, the leave outs are often subjected to too much heat and other styling elements. Using closures offer a solution to these concerns.

A closure is a type of hair piece, either made of silk or lace, threaded with hair. Similar to weaves, this is attached to hair by sewing to a base of cornrows, then sealed using hair bands, glue, or tape.

Lace Closure

Between lace and silk closures, the lace type is more popular by far. One reason for this is the thinner volume of a  lace closure, which makes it appear flatter on the head. This also makes the “line of demarcation” or the “U-shape”--the area where the piece is sewn to the scalp—much less visible.

When properly installed,  lace closures provide a very natural looking finish, as it allows the scalp to show through the hair part. An excellent closure may be styled and colored in different ways to match the user’s preferred hair extensions. Noted suppliers like Her Hair Company, for example, offers Brazilian lace closures using the same virgin Brazilian hair as their hair extensions, and in styles that either match their hair bundles, or may be easily altered to closely match the hair bundles. The result is a seamless finish that effectively disguises the use of hair extensions, while keeping natural hair tucked and safe from over-exposure to styling elements, and allowing it to grow and rest.

Proper Hair Care

In using closures, one thing to avoid is to wear them too tight. This can put a lot of strain and tension on the hair follicles. Also, in particular, applying hair bands too tightly may also lead to headaches.

Additionally, it is important to keep your natural hair and your hair extensions properly cared for through deep conditioning and shampooing. Even while your natural hair is protected from styling elements underneath lace closures, it still needs regular care and washing to keep it healthy and well-maintained.


Wear a Weave Without Wrecking Your Hair.

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