How to Achieve the Boho Summer Style with Straight Hair Extensions

Gone are the days of pure straight or curly cuts; this year has seen trends that combine both for a new look. This summer, Bohemian long hair is returning to the scene with a slight difference in texture.

Known as “barely there” waves, loose braids, similar to the tousled morning style, are seen on many celebrities like Julia Roberts, Megan Park and Michaela Conlin. Rather than producing full curls or bland streaks, this style allows the hair of women with long waves to flow on its own, giving some much-needed respite.

If you don’t have natural waves, you don’t have to use flat irons or curling wands on your own hair and risk the damage. It’s an effective option to simply wear straight  hair extensions then use the bundles to create sinuous strands. As long as it appears more natural, you can rock that desired Boho look without harming your original locks.

Using Extensions for the Boho Look

In the world of hair additions, your preferred length of hair can be achieved by having the right number of hair bundles. Extreme tresses of longer than 28 inches require around three to five groups for the whole crown. While you may tailor the artificial threads for seamless blending, it’ll be easier if you bought products with the natural brown shade because no two virgin bundles are alike.

It’s advisable to opt for authentic virgin Remy hair with hair follicles that have never been treated, which gives you a rich, silky texture. Moreover, this type of hair addition also lasts long, is easily maintained and is treatable for many months. Once you have those straight hair pieces, here are two ways to achieve Boho summer locks:

The first is to wrap the artificial strands around the curling iron 1 to 1.5 times, but only do it for a few sections of the hair while the rest stays untouched." This will give you soft, loose braids with a little evened threads here and there. The other approach is to combine streak and sinuous sections for a seemingly messy but beautiful hairdo. This can be done by curling random sections of the hair piece in a low heat setting.

To fully appreciate this free-flowing summer hair, invest in high-quality Brazilian Remy hair extensions with just the right luster to look more natural. Established dealers like Her Hair Company will have exactly what you need.


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