Virgin Hair Supplier Launches Eurasian Straight Hair Product Line

Indianapolis, Indiana (June 25, 2015) – Her Hair Company, a virgin hair extensions supplier, launches its line of Eurasian hair extensions. Available in different lengths, the company’s Eurasian straight hair comes in a platinum blonde color with a dark root.

The supplier’s Eurasian hair products come in two variants: the Eurasian Straight Hair extension and the Eurasian Straight Lace Closure. The Lace Closure is available at 14” length. On the other hand, the extension is offered in seven lengths—namely, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”.

While relatively new in the market, Eurasian hair is gradually proving itself as one of the most popular extension choices. Boasting of a glamorous and exotic aura, this hair is collected from women of mixed Asian and European descent in various regions across Eurasia. The type bears similar fullness and density with Brazilian virgin hair extensions, but features a more distinguished and refined texture. Most importantly, it is smooth, soft, and silky.

Her Hair Company recommends the platinum blonde color for women who want the “bombshell effect”. While straight hair has been labeled a classic, the blonde color of the extension can give it a bit of “spice”. From the appearance of the hair itself, the product exudes luxury with the ideal characteristics for achieving glamour while still having competitive pricing. The company’s Eurasian hair is machine weft and can be dyed to the wearer’s preference for maximum versatility.

Interested customers can view this new offering by the company at their website. Visitors can order Eurasian hair extensions or lace closures directly online. For more details about other products and information on ordering and delivery, proceed to

About Her Hair Company

Her Hair Company has been a provider of hair extensions for over 20 years. Today, the company’s inventory has been extended to carry several other categories, including lace closures and accessories. Committed to helping their customers enjoy top-quality products and outstanding service, the supplier is accredited with an A+ ranking by the Better Business Bureau.


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