Debunking Some Common Myths Surrounding Brazilian Hair Extensions

Many women want to achieve luscious long hair seen on the likes of Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts, and for this, they turn to hair extensions for help. With the increasing popularity of hair extensions, however, comes misconceptions that either dissuade one from acquiring them or make their investment turn bad in the long run.

What women who plan to get hair extensions need to know is that nowadays, it’s becoming easier to get the kind that can perfectly fit their personality. Those who already have them, meanwhile, should know that proper care should still be practiced on their natural hair lest it grow weaker and thinner. Aside from these, here are other misconceptions about Brazilian hair extensions that everyone needs to do away with:

Hair Extensions are Just for Celebrities

Sure, celebrities may be the biggest fans of hair extensions, but the truth is that everyone─ no matter their origin, ethnicity or hair texture─ can benefit from them. Most people might use hair extensions as a way to further express themselves, since it gives them the freedom to color and style hair without the fear of damaging their natural hair, yet others use hair extensions to aid in growing healthier hair. You only need to wear hair extensions for a time, giving your natural hair a break from the stress it usually experiences and enabling it to grow healthier in the end.

Maintaining Hair Extensions are Difficult

You will definitely be given directions and suggestions from your stylist on caring for your hair extensions, but maintaining them isn’t necessarily difficult. You may need to switch hair products like shampoos and conditioners, and you’ll need to watch how you brush and wear your hair everyday. In any case, proper care will ensure that your hair extensions will last for a long time.

This does not mean, however, that you can forgo caring for your natural hair, especially when you’re wearing hair extensions to grow healthier hair. No need to worry, though, for maintaining both your natural hair and hair extensions go the same way.

When beginning your journey to getting hair extensions, you need to do your research as well as scrutinize myths that could only dissuade you from getting your own flowing locks. Getting hair extensions are definitely worth it in the end, especially when you get a quality wavy hair extension from shops like Her Hair Company.


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