How to Care for Virgin Hair – Enjoying Healthy Extensions This Fall

With fall come list new hair regimen must-haves. If you want to grow your natural hair more healthily without missing the season’s trendy style, why not give it a break and wear our virgin hair weaves for the mean time? It’s fuller, smoother, and bouncier than other types of hair and it can remain vibrant for long even when dyed or heat-styled. Virgin hair of Remy quality, like Brazilian hair, is simply considered the best in the market.

Her Hair Company’s virgin Brazilian hair is totally unprocessed, meaning it doesn’t have the overly silky texture and excessive sheen found in hair from regular beauty stores. Being Remy hair, it has natural level of softness and luster.

If you’re interested in trying virgin hair for the first time, though, there are a few things you have to know. Although it is considered the most versatile and durable hair, it’s not maintenance-free. Virgin Brazilian hair still requires care and the good news is you can maintain it along with your natural hair.

With the new season coming, your hair and weaves would need an extra dose of moisture and other forms of upkeep. We recommend deep conditioning more often, especially if you wish to color it or alter from its original state—say, you want to turn your straight hair wavy or vice versa.

With proper care, shedding and tangling should not be an issue because virgin hair cuticles are well-preserved to flow in a single direction in order to minimize such instances. Tangling and breaking occurs more as a result of dryness. To maintain its bounciness, it must not be weigh down with too much oil so choose lighter types of leave-in conditioner sprays. Co-wash the hair weekly and shampoo twice a week. Deep conditioning can be done for 15-20 minutes, after which the hair should be rinsed thoroughly and air-dried.

We all know that overuse of heat styling tools, dye, and other chemicals can easily damage hair. Nonetheless, you can keep up to date with the style trends this fall and still prolong the life of your weaves/extensions by boosting moisture. Keeping your virgin Brazilian hair looking great is not difficult as long as you stick to the simple maintenance routine mentioned above.

Feel free to browse our blog for more information about virgin hair as well as additional hair care tips.


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