How to Properly Care for Hair Extensions to Keep Them Looking Fresh

How to Properly Care for Hair Extensions to Keep Them Looking Fresh

Hair extensions are one of the most incredible beauty tools accessible to women today! By adding additional hair (via real hair clip-ins) that matches your own, both in quality and color, you can easily create a look that’s as natural as if it were your own. Whether you decide to wear your pieces on a daily basis or as a filler for when you want to create a sexy look for a special occasion, your extensions will require some upkeep.

When to Wash Your Extensions

Just like your natural hair, extensions need to be washed after using styling products and continual wear. Top hair professionals suggest that you only wash your extensions when they begin to look dull or lifeless (after quite a few wears or after using a significant amount of product.) While the hair in a Remy hair extensions kit may be real human hair, it won't be producing any natural oils like the rest of your hair, thus requiring less frequent washing.

How to Wash Your Extensions

To wash your extensions, simply work in a high-quality conditioner in a gentle manner. Leave the pieces to soak in all the nutrients from the serum for at least 15 minutes. Follow with a gentle rinse in warm water and lay them out flat on a towel to dry. You may choose to blow dry them if you're in a hurry, but be sure to use a low heat setting. Handling your extensions with care will certainly extend their life, so be gentle.

How to Store Your Extensions

If you want to keep your extensions looking fresh and ready to clip in for the perfect hairstyle at any moment, it's important to store them properly. Nobody wants to deal with a matted up, knotted mess of hair! Before you store your extensions, be sure that they are completely dry. If they are still damp when placed into a case, you run the risk of growing mold in the fibers of the hair, especially in the natural human hair pieces. After the drying process is complete, gently lay the hair in a plastic bag or storage container. Keep them in a flat area where they will not be folded or underneath any other items.

Now that you have all the tricks for keeping your extensions looking fresh, it's time to style them up!


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