Lace Closure and Other Options: Attaching Hair Extensions to Your Head

Long hair has been an obsession with women for a long time; wigs and other hair pieces have been used throughout the ages as a way to artificially increase hair length while natural locks were still growing. A recent example would be hats with artificial hair velcroed into the underside and the hat could then be worn over the head to give the illusion of real hair; this particular hair lengthening option, however, is a bit awkward since it’s little more than a wig. A better choice would be hair extensions that are attached to your hair via easy-to-use lace closures and other options sold by shops like Her Hair Company. Here are a few descriptions of possible hair attachment routes:


As the simplest choice for attaching hair extensions, clip-ins are usually associated with cheap off-the-rack extensions you can find in many malls. Hair extensions attached in this manner are usually temporary ones. Clip-in hair extensions are attached to toupee clips and are snapped into place. You can wear one for a day or a party and then take it off before you go to sleep. The clips can be noticeable, however, if you don’t already have a heavy volume of hair, which is why clip-ins are typically used only to add length.


A more long-term solution for hair extension attachment is bonding. The process involves fusing the extension with your hair via keratin bonds. This is usually done by applying the bonds at the tip of your hair then using heat to encourage the fusing of hair. The great thing about this process is that it can last a long time; however, it requires professional application to be done right. Furthermore, those with fused hair extensions need to be careful about heat and what they put on their heads; the former and certain hair oils can melt the bonds.

Lace Closures

Using a sturdy lace closure is much easier. A lace closure is a nylon mesh that has the hair extensions woven into it with a lace layer that acts as an artificial scalp. It is attached by having your original hair cornrow-braided then having the closure placed over braids. It is then secured around the cornrow base, giving the illusion of real hair growing from your scalp. Closures can be styled and parted easily. They are also low-maintenance and provide protection for your original hair.

These three types of hair extension attachment are just a few examples of what’s available on the market. Depending on your needs you may select one depending on durability and how natural they look on you.

(Source: I’m Wearing This Fake Hair Attached to a Hat While Growing My Real Hair Out, Styleite)


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