Long Brazilian Hair Extensions Can Help You Have Lovely Hairstyles

Having long hair is one of those things that a woman should experience once in their life. Yes, it adds maintenance time; taking longer showers and eliminating tangles can take some time. There’s nothing, however, like looking in the mirror and seeing your wavy mane; men will even give you admiring looks more frequently since long hair works with all types of faces and makes you more attractive. So how then do you achieve long hair? Lengthy Brazilian hair extensions from shops like Her Hair Company can help you with that.

Made of natural hair harvested from the heads of women, virgin hair extensions are as organic as your own. If attached properly, natural hair extensions would look no different than your natural hair. One of the definite advantages of your long hair is that you have a lot more tresses to play with; shiny Brazilian straight hair can be customized into various styles that will definitely turn men’s heads.

Get Bangs

Look like Zooey Deschanel with bangs on your forehead. Though most hair extensions are meant to spread down the back of your head, a good stylist can put all the additional hair to good use by giving you a cute fringe of hair to frame your face; additional styling will make it look even better.

The Layered Look

Layering your hair gives you a beautifully sophisticated look. Hairstylists can create it by styling your hair one layer at a time; hair products are applied to make the hair shine while it’s still wet. After that, the hair is dried leaving a bit of moisture. Sections of your hair are then finished by brushing and curling them. Minimal flat-ironing is done to flatten out your hair.

Playing with Braids

Another sophisticated hairstyle that’s possible with long hair is braiding. This can even be done on your own at home. First, brush down your long hair straight. Next, divide your mane into three sections. Finally, start wrapping the right section over the middle, then wrapping the left one. Continue until your hair is fully braided and tie it all off with a hair tie.

These are a just a few hairstyles you can get with long hair provided by extensions. Get some now to have fun with your gorgeous locks.

(Source: Starting Your Hair Bucket List Made Easy With 9 Simple Steps — Because Your Hair Deserves A Little Adventure, Too, Bustle)


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