Some Important Hair Extension Care Tips for African-American Women

Some Important Hair Extension Care Tips for African-American Women

As hair extensions have grown more popular in recent years, many experts have provided some helpful tips for extending the useful lifespan of these beauty products. Owners can obtain longer enjoyment from weaves simply by taking a little extra effort to prevent damage during daily use.

Tip Number One: Don't Panic When Shedding Occurs

Many women find the loss of strands of hair from weaves very distressing. Everyone appreciates full, richly-textured hair. Experts advise that occasional shed hair won't cause problems—in fact, you expect this loss to occur from time to time.

Tip Number Two: Don't Wash Hair Extensions After Every Use

Another concern new hair extension owners often share involves washing. Many beauty authorities notice a tendency on the part of some women to wash hair extensions too frequently. While these items do require periodic cleaning, washing them after every use overdoes a good thing. Experienced Brazilian hair weave owners recommend washing the extension every two to three weeks during regular use.

Tip Number Three: Avoid Tangles

Avoid unnecessary matting by handling the hair extension gently during travel. Comb out tangles before storing an extension to prevent long term problems from developing. In the past, transporting additional hair extensions in suitcases sometimes caused problems, because hair might become tangled during transit. Recently, some companies have developed travel storage compartments specifically designed for human hair extensions. For example, Hair Clutch produces two evening purses that will store hair extensions correctly in individual sections.(3)

Tip Number Four: Enjoy!

Remember that the best hair extensions receive frequent use. Well-known hair extension providers, such as Her Hair Company, Inc., offer a variety of very beautiful hair extension weaves and lace closures. The closures enable customers to wear varying hair styles without worrying that roots will show; they help make the process of using attractive hair extensions effortless and natural. It's a smart idea when you find some favorite extension styles to keep several on hand and interchange them from time to time!


(KeKe Palmer Reveals Her Hair Routine and Explains Why She Relaxes Her Hair,


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