This Rainy Season, Extra Care for Your Wavy Hair Extensions Is a Must

Imagine spending hours getting your hair ready for work or for an event, and finding yourself confronted by heavy downpour when you emerge from the house. Every woman knows that rainstorms and carefully styled hair don’t match; the rains would only make their hair look limp and lifeless. Even hair extensions may end up brittle and dry when exposed to the rain, so take extra care of your extensions through these simple tips.

Bring an umbrella–always

You’ll never know when the next downpour will be, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. The best umbrellas to get are those clear dome umbrellas that have longer edges, covering your face and protecting your hair from slanting rain and humidity. Though the edge comes down below your chin, these umbrellas are made clear so as not to obstruct your vision. Plus, they keep your makeup intact and fresh, wherever you may go.

Have a weather app

Nothing frustrates women more than spending hours styling their hair and having to wear them in stormy weather. Don’t get caught unaware of the weather condition and have a weather app handy on your phone. Knowing what the weather will be in the next few hours can also help you decide on what outfit to wear for the day.

Keep a rain bonnet

As unappealing as these bonnets may sound for most women, these are actually very effective in protecting your hair from the rain. Since these bonnets often come cheap, you can get several and store them in different places—your bag, your car, or your coat pocket.

Have some hair tools in your purse

Rain isn’t your only enemy during the monsoon season, for even humidity or strong winds could damage wavy hair extensions. It helps to have some hair pins, a couple of clips, and a ponytail holder handy in your purse to keep your style intact despite winds and humid conditions.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Should your hair get wet, make sure to have them cleaned as soon as you get home. Divide your hair in three to five sections, depending on how full your weaves are, then shampoo each section. Apply a mild hair conditioner after to remove any dirt, then rinse and dab or blow-dry your hair.

Hair extensions are great in giving your natural hair a break from the elements, but these are also susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. It also helps to get high-quality Brazilian hair extensions, from shops like Her Hair Company, to have weaves that are stunning yet easier to maintain than others.


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