What You Need to Know about Hair Extensions: What is Virgin Hair?

Opting for virgin hair extensions when browsing through the products of leading companies like Her Hair Company is a smart choice for the woman who's looking for the best and most-stylish option for weaves or extensions. However, do you really know all there is to know about virgin hair? Can you even tell the difference? how to tell if the virgin hair youve bought is really virgin hair What is Virgin Hair? First of all, for a bundle to be called virgin hair, it should have no other components than 100% human hair. It also needs to pass certain requirements, such as that it should never have been colored or dyed and all the cuticle layers are intact and flowing in the same direction. Identifying Chemicals Virgin hair also shouldn't have been chemically treated in any way before or after it has left its donor. One simple way to tell if a hair weave has chemicals is by smelling it, as chemically processed hair will have that beauty supply odor or a harsh, strong chemical scent. Curl Patterns According to a blog post from, you can also identify virgin hair through its curl patterns:
"If you [sic] hair has a very uniform curl pattern could be an indicator that the hair has been slightly chemically treated for curl pattern. This too is not virgin hair. Most of the virgin hair comes in a raw natural pattern and is not a very defined pattern."
Color You should also know that most virgin hair sold in salons are dark, much like a Brazilian virgin hair extension. Some reliable sellers even remind consumers that blonde virgin hair is rarely sold in bulk. Moreover, if the hair selection have hair sets that have the exact same color, ask to make sure that they haven't been treated. Remember that there are strict standards to be complied with before a strand or bundle can be classified as virgin hair. Make sure that you know the difference and opt for the real thing. (Article Information and Image fromHow to tell if the "Virgin" hair you've bought is really Virgin Hair,


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